Characters, Movies, Tv Shows and Celebrities that give me style inspiration- Part 2

Marilyn Monroe 

Her look is iconic, plus I want her hair!! πŸ˜†

Scream Queens

Pink is my favourite colour and this show just had so much pink in it!

Alice In Wonderland

I just love Alice In Wonderland so much, anything with Alice In Wonderland on it or Wonderland esque is a want in my book!

Ariana Grande

Her clothes are just so girly, I love them!

Snow White

I’m obsessed with the whole black hair, pale skin, red lips idea!

And that’s all!
P.S – If any looks in these 2 parts featured real fur, I just want to state I do not and will not ever wear real fur! 

Fake fur though ❀️😍


– x



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