Book Review of The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight – Jennifer E. Smith 

⭐️⭐️ 2 stars (may contain spoilers)

This was the first book I read of 2017, I was… not exactly a fan! 😬 I honestly just found the book really boring, there didn’t really seem to be much happening and what was happening I wasn’t really interested in. Another major issue I had with the book was the characters, we have our main protagonist Hadley. Her dad had left her mum for another woman, (I think he had an affair I can’t really remember) so it’s understandable if she’s a bit mad at him but she was just so horrible. I mean for goodness sake get a grip, she was just such an unlikeable selfish character and I really couldn’t feel anything nice towards her. Then we have Oliver, the love interest. He was more likable than Hadley, I’ll give him that but I really thought he just seemed a bit of a British stereotype to be honest. With these two characters paired together, who I felt nothing for, I really couldn’t root for their relationship (this could also be because the book took place in such a short period of time.) The whole plot is basically just them travelling on a plane so Hadley can get to her dads wedding and Oliver can… well I’ll get to more on that in a minute. It was just painfully slow, to have them sitting on a plane talking for most of the book. I thought things did speed up a bit when she actually got to the wedding though. Now back to the reason why Oliver was aboard that oh so special plane… Spoilers ahead – He was flying to his dads funeral. I honestly worked this out really early on in the book but Hadley didn’t and you know why because she was so flipping self absorbed!  Okay okay, I’m not saying Hadleys psychic or anything but I honestly just think if she had stopped moaning for 5 seconds he might have told her, or she might have worked it out for herself. When she does finally work it out, she is off the plane at the wedding at this point and someone mentions a funeral, so you know what she does? She shows up at his fathers funeral!!! I’ll repeat she shows up at his fathers funeral. This boy who’s she’s barely known for a day and she just decides to go to his dads funeral, who does that? It’s not normal behaviour. She also has to leave her dads wedding for a few hours to attend said funeral, ugh she’s the worst. Then after some awkwardness at the funeral (understandably Oliver is a bit freaked out to see her) she returns to the wedding makes up with her dad, Oliver shows up at the wedding (what is with these people) they kiss or whatever. Everyone lives happily ever after, fairies, unicorns, sparkly things, all that goodness. 

Would I Recommend This Book? – I personally wouldn’t no but I have seen lots of good reviews, it might just be a it’s not you it’s me sort of situation. If it sounds like something you would enjoy maybe give it a go, I don’t know. 


– x


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