Top 10 Tv Pairings I Ship

10. Ted and Robin (aka 🤔??) – How I Met Your Mother (finished)

 9. Cheryl and Veronica (aka Cheronica) – Riverdale (up to date) 

8. Tate and Violet (aka Violate) – American Horror Story (up to date)

7. Alice and Luther (aka 🤔??) – Luther (up to date) 

6. Caroline and Klaus (aka Klaroline) – The Vampire Diaries/The Originals?? (Up to S07E02/S03E09)

5. Rumpelstiltskin and Belle (aka rumbelle) – Once Upon a Time (up to season 6 episode 5)

4. Noora and William (aka noorhelm) – skam (up to date)

3. Cassie and Sid (aka cassid?) – Skins uk (finished)


2. Nicky and Morello (aka nichorello) – Orange is the New Black (up to date)

1. Ian and Micky (aka gallavich) – Shameless us (up to season 5 episode 11)


– x


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